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services1.pngBicom Bioresonance Therapy

quickly and painlessly measures, analyzes  and eliminates substances that contribute to the animal’s physical, emotional and behavioral problems. It also identifies environmental toxins that must be eliminated to restore and maintain good health. More…

services2.pngFoundational Pet Care

encompasses holistic methods for healing and health maintenance that allow your pet to heal himself. Our unique methods heal diseases, injuries, emotional and behavioral problems and promote wellness by eliminating environmental factors that are harmful to your pet. More…

services3.pngGeobiological Consultation Services

offer effective detection and protection from harmful EMF pollution in your living area that compromise your health and the health of your pets. Dr. Kordon determines the appropriate GeoSafe E Products and their location for neutralizing harmful radiation. More…

services4.pngNutrition and Pure Drinking Water

that is energetically tested and proven to support recovery and wellness is foundational to the pet services we provide. Natural unprocessed pet food helps your pet to eliminate toxins contributing to actual and future problems. More…

services5.pngSupplements, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy

have been determined through Bicom testing to be essential for your pet’s full recovery. These are prescribed during your animal’s treatment and must be administered by the pet owner as directed. More…

services6.pngWellness Pet Care

strengthes your pet’s immune system through safeguards that provide a healing environment free of toxic underlying causes of disease. Wellness care includes physical exams, safe pet vaccination, dental care, supplements, and strategies that treat pet allergies, safely eliminate parasites, detoxify, improve digestion and skeletal health and prevent chronic disease. More…


is an effective holistic solution for dogs, cats and other animals with damaged ligaments and tendons suffering from chronic pain and mobility joint problems. More…


is a holistic healing technique that is safe, easy and 100% accurate for correcting nervous system misalignments or subluxations that produce such problems as lameness, hip dysplasia and knee disorders; problems of the digestive, urinary and endocrine systems, urinary and fecal incontinence, performance and behavior issues and many others. More…


  • EES Rejuvenation System
  • Blood chemistry
  • Vaccinations and titers
  • Dental care
  • Behavior advice
  • EMF & Geopathic protection
  • Infrared treatments
  • Ionic detox baths

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